I wonder
if one day
some day
we’ll settle in
to our skin
just in time
to kiss goodbye
and break up
and fall apart
into rubble
stone and water
starting all over
as it was
in the beginning
and ever shall
be repeating

I wonder
if we’ll ever consider
the ordinary things
that affect time
like gravity
and where we place our feet
and stress hormones
and how fast bodies move
and away
from each other
and how time
would stop
all together
if those bodies
were to touch

I wonder
if we’ll ever reach
the irrevocable era
when blood
is only offered
never taken
when souls
are not forsaken
only heart-beaten
battered by loss
and unfettered adoration
marred by the scars
of tally marks
of the days
since we laid
down our arms
so as to lay
in each other’s arms