shadows cast

I know great birds first
by their shadows
on earth slipping under
impelling eyes

I knew myself first
by reflection
the persistent latent notion
that there is more
the shadows I cast



Poems; April #1

Does it have to be this way?

Or should I give back my rights
The freedom to ask each night
What it is I lack in life
The privilege of the sacrifice

Of the Chosen Ones
The Martyrs of Circumstances
The Persons Become Statistics
The Relatives (Peace be upon Them)
Who have given up
Their happy lives
So that I may not even internalize
The peace all around me

Does it have to be this way?

Your city was so glorious
Your children were your joy
Someone asked for a burnt offering
Did you have a choice?

You had the work ethic
But no work
You slipped into the trap
As gradual as humanly probable
Someone proclaimed you the enemy
Did you have a chance?

Does it have to be this way?

Nieces Nephews
Because your guardians were led to believe
In the wisdom and intelligence of the powers that be
Your future is clouded and heavy
Like the water you drink
Someone elevated efficiency above purity
Did you have a voice?

San Pedro Sula
Sister Mother
You’ve seen too much
You’ve felt too much
You’ve lost too many
Someone prayed for justice but desired execution
Whose blood? Whose hands?

You lived in the emerald lung
Of a vast body
But I coveted the metallic glow
Of your Sacred Heart
I asked it be given me
And so you found yourself in the business of excavation
Digging into your chest numbed by the extraction
Leaving only scars of mud for your compensation
Soon only scars of mud for your entire nation
Someone consumed your Sacred Heart
Did you have a choice?

Does it have to be this way?


Poems; March #2

the mist
lightly stippling
your exposed skin
One by one
the blind drops
encounter the contours
of your face
Stop and rest
for long enough
as countless specks fall
to the ground
into earth
or onto you
rain shadow
your likeness
drop by blind drop
Thus is Your image
known to a cloud


Poems; February #1


why am I
obligated to find
why was it
from me


Among hollowing bones
Pulling tendons in
foreshortening paths
foreshadowed by the past
I search for a common thread
Made of edible gold

In tenuous suspension
of infinite potential
I trace constellation lines
between stars
that could be galaxies

I believe
I live
wherever it is
that arteries
become veins
Furthest point from the heart
where blood
finds fulfillment
In transformation
and exchange

I seek existence and action
in the capillaries
outermost branches
Where I may deliver the breath
giving color to flesh


A Poem a Day 2016: Summary

One year, three-hundred-some-odd poems (I missed a lot of days), and an incalculable amount of inspiration later, I can say my “A Poem a Day” project is a success which has opened up new avenues of creativity and profoundly changed the way I see life, the world, the human experience.

But I’m not done. There are so many more unpublished poems from this past year that I want to share with everyone: and so I will be revisiting and refining this body of work in the coming months. There is so much more poetry and creative writing I’m eager to create and explore: and so I will continue writing, everyday. There are so many more possibilities of matching poetry with photography and other mediums and seeing how they dance: and so I will try to let the artist in me run about unfettered.

Many thanks to all who have read my work, any of it. And special thanks to those who have given me comments – I always appreciate honest reactions and feedback.