When you go to see the sun set
and your eyes are drinking in the blue
I hope you see the bats
and one bat pulls you to a faint star
as all other light fades
And I hope that star draws you
to every other star known
in an ever-growing constellation
And I hope you see the crescent-winged nighthawks
weaving through invisible threads
of that limitless midnight blue



Lydia, the Organic Farmer

Lydia is a small-scale, diversified vegetable, certified-organic farmer currently operating Second Wind CSA​ and tending the earth of New York’s Hudson Valley. This is a sampling of her story. To view it all:


Originally from a small town in southwest Missouri, Lydia moved to New York City to be near a family member for a while. Eventually she made her way to the Hudson Valley to gain more training in production farming. The fresh air and striking scenery were found benefits of life outside the city.


Second Wind CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is an independent incubator program hosted by Four Winds Farm, a certified organic farm located in Gardiner, NY and founded in 1988. Although Lydia has worked in organic farming for 4 years, this is her first year owning and operating a CSA farm.


For the first half of the growing season, Lydia co-owned the CSA – as well as shared a house – with another young woman. After protracted conflict in styles and personalities, they dissolved the partnership and Lydia took full ownership of Second Wind in the midst of peak harvest…

View her full story:

Only pulsing

For one furious, ephemeral season
Cicadas make the even trees
To vibrate with erotic rhythm
The only pulsing pleasure seeking
The satisfaction of ensuring
Every summer night henceforth
Will bear the song of their offspringing


The ocean forgives you

The ocean forgives you
For using its name
and likeness
in all your poetry
and self-help meditations,
While you extract its life
in exchange
for small plastic coins,
your useless currency
now straining
its currents.
See how merciful
the ocean is
to you with short
salted memory,
the mother of
an ungrateful dependent.
As you take,
still she gives,
and will
until she turns to land,
or you return home.

©2017 Jeremy Ruzich


I have stood
at cliff’s edge
in aging snow drifts
simply waiting
to melt
and slide downhill

At the sight
of rippled layers
of mountain ranges
stories and history
revealed and retold
through juvenile haze

Something within me
washes clouds from my eyes
and falls
to join the stream
down the mountainside

©2017 Jeremy Ruzich