Week 51; A Poem a Day


Everything left
In the light
Will fade
Driftwood will fade
Plastics will fade and break down
Into smaller plastic
Rivers and lakes will fade
Rise & rain
Power lines will fade
The United States of America will fade
Rainbow colored yard signs will fade
Paved streets beginning such a rich black
Gold and white will fade
To gray
Everything in the light
Tends towards gray
Ornaments of cloth
Wax dough
String styrofoam
May fade more slowly
May be preserved
For a few more years
Packed in the attic
In loose fitting boxes
Red algae blooms will fade
Plowed soil overturned earth will fade
Hair feather
Scale shell
Everything fades
Exposed in light
We underestimated the sun
Revered its strength
Praised its benefit
Misunderstood its neutrality
Did our best to profane
Its light
Now everything we have made
Will fade
Though we hold it in the dark
The light will reach it
And it will fade



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