Week 48; A Poem a Day


Leave me here
You go follow your emotions

I’ll stay and dwell in my thoughts
There are enough of them
To cover me
A rapidly shifting river
Of fog of doubt
And cumulonimbus of clarity
Leave me here
You go pursue what feels right
I’ll stay and feel sorry for myself
And dream of what would’ve been
If I’d been brash and brazen
If I’d taken, respectfully, carelessly,
The cup that had been offered me
I pass it on as I contemplate
The origins of my thirst



2 thoughts on “Week 48; A Poem a Day

  1. I had tried to respond to this one but my computer froze… so I just wanted to say I really liked this one. It’s so full of emotion and tells a story… I read it at a time I wasn’t taking too many risks and was just driving myself crazy with thinking about it all too much, so it gave me the inspiration to just jump for it… of course I fell flat on my face but it was a beautiful moment anyway… I learned a lot and I can not stop thinking about what if…

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