Week 43; A Poem a Day

10/20/16 – 10/23/16

And at this point
___________I feel
We’ve been laying
And spinning lines
Trying to catch
Or wanting to wrap
________the Earth
Keep it for our own
________and suck
__________it dry
I have heard
_______the ringing
Of golden sun
Off powered threads
Barkless tree trunks
As I have felt
On spider silk
Invisible traps
Brought to light
We’ve tried
_________so hard
To leave behind
______dark forests
With woven branch
We can’t
Though we cut them
They’ll once again
Though we flee their
_____looming height
We find ourselves
Their biology
We find ourselves
In the webs laid
___________for us
___________by us
We find ourselves
_______in shadows
Deeper than leaves
________could ever
Where once we knew
________the timbre
_________of timber
_________by heart…



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