Week 41; A Poem a Day


(Poet’s note: Like most everyone else in our nation, I have been trying to wrap my head around our current political ordeal. So I go to the medium that helps me most often process and put to words the incomprehensible. This is how I begin to try.)

In our hunger
For quick answers
And simple fixes,
We’ve chosen one office
As our battleground
For any problem
In our mind.
Or maybe every.
We want so badly
For a new savior,
One person of our choosing,
One person to fight
To make it all right.
We want it so simply
So badly,
We have voluntarily
Handed over
Our collective power
To the one,

Whoever the one may be
This time around.

What if the problem
Is not the people
But the position?

What if our founders
Built a chair,
And we’ve turned it
Into a throne?

What if we took back
Some of that power,
Held it
And used it
And selflessly
Like we’d hoped
Our chief would do?

What if we
No longer feared
The 50/50?

What if I told you
That you have the power
To change minds and hearts,
When you start with your own?



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