Week 38; A Poem a Day

9/1516 & 9/18/16

Your wrists are glowing

Your wrists are glowing
Because the moon has reached down
And wrapped fingers of light
Around them
And will not release
Even if you turn your back on her
Dear neighbor
She is an inhabitant
Of Earth too
Just further up
A mountain range
A continent
In orbit
With a clearer view
Of the Sun
And a satellite’s view
Of everything in the world

That’s why

That’s why she angles sunbeams
At your wrists
Fulcrums of choice
Pivotal point of human potential
She knows your power
Knows the arrangement of your bones
Has more strength than your organs
Know how to handle

And that’s why

That’s why she grips you now
To finally get you understanding
She and your skeleton
Share the same shade of white
Only yours concealed
Dear distant sister
Who has watched you
From your infancy
From afar
She is concerned for you

You are still so young

You are still so young
Making so many mistakes
Learning to use your hands
Learning to trust every piece of you
It pains her
To see you hurting yourself

You know how to cast shadows
But do you know you can wield light?



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