Week 37; A Poem a Day


I spun
I used to dream
of spinning
Once dreamed
of spinning
a web
inside my locker
A web
To catch her
Catch and hold her
I spun
Spun webs
Corner to corner
Side to side
I spun
four intimate walls
One a door
which is a wall
with options
Outside of slits
and the clang
clanging open
clanging shut
more space
longer strands
stretch farther
My strategy
larger webs
stretched out
are less visible
And weaker
My strategy
I spin
To become a father
between dreams
I spin


Distant sky talk
Rumbles at me
And I lay here
Cocooned in blankets

Rhythm of rain
Asks me to dance
While cellular alarms
Interrupt real dreams

Crass blue jay calls
Hold me to my past
As I wait and hope
For new songs of winter



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