Week 36; A Poem a Day


What conjures us together
Movement of spirits and Spirit
Blown in on the four winds
Meeting at one slope at river’s edge
Downstream from our ancestors
Who rose like thunderheads
At the thought of us, their children
A prophecy of rainbow doorways
Visions of how history might have been written
If hearts had not hardened to hungry steel

Why not think universally
Heartbeats synchronized with the waves
Because water is life and there is one water
So much of it, there is only so much of it
It fills in our lowest points
Then expands, ascends and dances above our heads
For everyone to witness
It salves our lips and tongues
Making speech possible, making words audible
When it bathes us, it takes on the filth we produce

Somewhere along the way to civilization
Some of us decided they needed more than enough
Some other liquid they wanted to fill up their lives
So, they began piercing the ground that long supported them
They sliced and scarred the land with dull knives
And burst the sacred hills into fragments
All this using the same ancient stuff they sought to extract
All this at a pace the planet had never known
Did the ancestors of our ancestors’ ancestors
Ever imagine they would one day be unearthed and burned

How can prayers slow the current
Return to a flow sanctioned by the texture of the land
Let the women lead us to the water
And give us their blessing, if they choose
How can prayers heal a ruptured channel
Mend a supply line out of its time
Let the betrayed people foresee disaster
And use good medicine to prevent its manifestation
Let them be first again
Protectors of our future, a nation of rising waters



2 thoughts on “Week 36; A Poem a Day

  1. When it bathes us, it takes on the filth we produce,
    yes, very beautiful, sometimes I wonder if God will destroy America because of how far we’ve strayed, but then I read something like this and realize that as long as there is one righteous person left, He will spare us

    • We seem to do a pretty good job at destroying ourselves – God’s already spared us. This is a moment, an opportunity, given to us to begin to right what has been wronged. And the more righteous, the more awake, you are, the more will be expected of you.

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