Week 33; A Poem a Day


Crickets occupy
Every corner
Of my living

The camouflaged ones
In my garden
Who only reveal themselves
As they flee the water
I splash on my tomatoes

The glossy black ones
Sleek as sports cars
Waiting in the grass
Of the front yard
Hoping for
A predator to outrun

But most crickets
I only hear
Under or after
The cicadas and katydids
Their song changing
With the weather
Slower in the cool
Quickened in the heat
But always
In time

There was a dog
I called Cricket
After I saw him
Catching and eating
The little morsels
Skinny and brown and long-legged
He also reminded me
Of a cricket
A little

And of course
There’s the long-legged cave dwellers
Living in my basement
They make no demands
No protests
No mating calls
That I can hear
Though I’m pretty convinced
They aren’t happy
When I grab them
In mid-air
To feed them
To my chickens

8/18/16 #2

Is practicing jazz
On a trumpet
Through one of those
Golden windows
Of that house
On a terrace
When I walk by
Practicing poetry
On a book and pencil
Over concrete squares
In sodium vapor light
That turns everything
The same shade of yellow

The only thing
Separating master
From novice
Is practice



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