Week 32; A Poem a Day


It’s remarkable
The sheer number
Of reminders
That are called for
Little prompts
To return
And remember
Where you are
On a big world
With so much
Elbow room
But still
We keep
Into each other
Arms keep clashing
Unsolicited commentary
Keeps changing
Our moods
When the sky
Is scheduled
To spark and catch
And show some color
Over black and amber fields
Of artificial light
Try to remember home
Try to remember all your homes
When your frame of reference
Falls away
Beneath your feet
When the air
Lights you
A little differently
Now reflection
Is the progression
Of the day
If memory serves you
Let it paint
Prehistoric pictures
On your walls
On your modern walls


Poet’s note: Many of the poems I post this year I consider incomplete, or works-in-progress. This might be one of them. In the past, incompleteness has kept me from showing and sharing and publishing my work at all. My prevailing tendency is to hold it and wait until I’m 100% satisfied. Among the many other gifts of A Poem a Day, I am finding it is a healthy context for training myself to stop clinging to my work and keeping it to myself. I still want to do my best work, of course; but I also want to not be ruled by the obstacles of fear, uncertainty and excessive self-consciousness. The poetry (and the photography) can be incomplete and changeable, much like myself and my life, and there is peace in knowing that. That’s more than just a metaphor: for artists, the tangible manifestations of our artist minds cannot be so easily separated from our lives.


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