Week 31; A Poem a Day


I’ve watched you dance in colors
All the colors that mean something
All the hues that match your severity
I’ve imagined how you look from above
As you’ve swirled and slid around me
You’ve danced in colors everywhere but here
For so long I begin to fear
That the dancing is not for me
That only stillness and gray are my fate
Yes, I might yet move and grow
But slower, much slower
Than I would with your gift of life
How could I move to make you
What steps do I take to convince you
I thirst for your colors and saturation
And so I pour out all the clarity given me
Consider this my rain dance


I dream of mornings
One on one meetings
With the sun
At eye level
But it is at night
In darkness
In Earth’s shadow
That my demons and talents
Overtake me
Compel me
Keep me awake
Insist that I make
Hold me to change
Quiet night fog
Into concrete blocks
Into bread for the world
Before it burns off
In the fierceness of dawn



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