Week 23; A Poem a Day


Two doors down
And across the street
Summer afternoon
Trigger the doorbell
Five seconds pass
Re-rehearse the line
The excuse
Front door swooshes open
White t-shirt
Khaki shorts
Color of his house
Large wire-rimmed glass
Frames gentle eyes
“Hi, George!
Just want to say
Hope you’re having a good day!”
Step on in
Out of bright sun
Into welcome coolness
Shades drawn, glowing
In dark living room
Back to the kitchen
For neighbor’s reward
Pastel M&M’s
Or was it then
Large chocolate chip cookie
A stool for each
Sitting there
In the clean, orderly
Bachelor’s kitchen
Stories told
Settings and years
Flow one into another
Unfathomable time apart
A young soldier’s battles
A fireman’s routine heroics
Memories often recalled
Seldom heard
A life
Shared with a boy
Who doesn’t yet know
What questions to ask
Who knows only to listen
Who just hoped for candy
On a summer afternoon


No soil here
Nothing will grow here
Nothing could bloom here

I will try
Root down deep and try
Suck every last drop and try

This place will kill you
Hot sun will wilt you
Harsh stone will mill you

Minerals will nourish me
Full sun will raise me
Sure stone will hold me

Fly to somewhere else
Germinate somewhere else
Grow more branches somewhere else

I will call this home here
I will flower and fruit here
I will live humble and bold here

I am Black-Eyed Susan
Child of the Prairie
Cliff Dweller and Heir of the Western Wind



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