Planting Seeds

You may see this post as a break from the usual A Poem a Day project. But I’d like to share with you a recently published project on which I have been working for much longer: a short film about a place called Jerusalem Farm.

I’ve been saying that this film was about a year in the making, but really I could trace it back further, since I’ve been a “friend of the Farm” since it began (in 2012), all the while documenting its growth and befriending its community members and feeling its spirit and offering my contributions, paltry in comparison to the graces given me and so many people.

If you have 9 minutes, I think the film is worth the time (though I might be biased). Beyond that, I invite you to visit the Farm sometime: for a community night or to volunteer or just for a visit and tour, just to experience this place and people for yourselves; because no story ‘told’ is as good as a story lived.

And, of course, this is just one chapter; stay tuned for more.


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