Week 17; A Poem a Day


Step back
From the minutiae
Of plans for the future
Step back and find the first step
Which is always communication and relationship
Some things can be sorted out on a sheet of paper but those things are still one dimensional
A collection of squiggly lines that mean more to one person than another when interpreted
But out here in the open air where breath is shared and minds are spoken and ears opened
There is progress towards the desired destination which is much closer than originally thought
Actually as close as arrival
There you find your companions
Waiting for the question
Asking you to
Step back

Step back
From the abyss
Of isolation and independence
Seek balance before tumbling headlong
Squinting into the darkness is likely to deform lenses and cause vertigo as all sense of scale is lost
Dwelling on the details that make up the blocks that build up the whole that knows not its place
Imagine the space that could be lived in if it could only be grasped and seen for what it is
The big picture is always there
For the taking and viewing
And perspective and holding
If you’d only
Step back



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