Week 16; A Poem a Day

4/15/16, For Sara

Connect the dots
Across the map
And draw the lines in permanent ink.
I usually advocate
For the use of pencil,
For ease of retraction,
For forgetting mistakes.
But there is so much wholeness
To remembering origins,
One’s stops along the way.
An organic geometry
That may feel hard-edged
And drawn-out
During the journey between
Two points, until
You look back and see
The lives you’ve touched,
And it gives form to your life.
Now you see where it’s going.
Even as you realize
There never were sequential numbers.
Something else guided your hand, each line.
Something else led you home, each time.
If I can urge you in one way,
It would be to say
Do not be afraid
To retrace a path
To places that remember you,
Or to make a bold new stroke
To a place that wasn’t expecting you.


It feels
So long ago
That warm night
When I was awake
To hear the first raindrops fall
The raindrops
Which would become a shower
Which would become a storm
Which would become a flood
And the flood
Became our life

They sounded so sweet
That night
They felt
Like the teardrops
Of Our Savior
Who finally
Had mercy on us
And our earth
Soaked it up
So thirsty was everything
It drank and drank
And drank
For ten days
Until it could receive no more
And so it refused
Of the grace
That would not stop
Being offered
Passed it along
For the surface dwellers
To deal with

As it turned out
None of us were ready
To drink what was given us



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