Week 12; A Poem a Day

3/19/16 – 3/21/16

So much of my life
Is looking straight out windows
Like now
Trying to figure out
Two vertical dashed lines
On a smooth gray wall
That from this distance
Seems insurmountable
Until I see a car
Climb effortlessly up

Across screen & bar & asphalt
On a lonely porch
On certain days
Days of indecisive skies
The wind flips
Listlessly through
A tattered wrinkled
Yellow Pages
A futile search

Until I decide
Enough is enough
And I leave the panes
Before me
And I go

To measure a length of road
I have rolled over
Over and over
To the nearest hundredth
To find the perfect composition
That only I can see
With the latest spring light
At just the right angle
Through not surprising haze

To finally learn
The camera does not lie
It tells the only truth
It has ever known
Slices of time
More compact
Than our wandering eyes
Can gather over
The span of consciousness

I can be still
As my spirit requires it
But I must move
As my soul demands it


in utero to the ends of the earth
the call pulls you

in the space between
wake and sleep
lies a walkway
of the most glowing steel blue
you have ever seen
you are in the middle of it
you have no idea
from which direction you came
and which you are going
no matter
recline on my chest
and ask me useless questions
or take the morsel
and run with it
stay awake one hour
if you are willing
or let gravity take you
let destiny make you
you do not know what you are requesting
you do not know how you will be tested
you do not know what you are doing
you do not know where I am going

but you will
as I will
there is freedom in knowing
the unknowable



2 thoughts on “Week 12; A Poem a Day

  1. 3/22 did you really write this one? It’s so beautiful! God is really speaking through it. You have a beautiful gift Jeremy.

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