Week 9; A Poem a Day


Cedar branches
Filter sunlight
Like eyelashes

All I’m saying is
Once you spend enough time
Holding love at your core
Translating languages
Isn’t needed any more

2/28/16 and 3/2/16

Some shapes
Beg to be seen
As some other
A square as a diamond
A circle as a sphere
A dodecagon as a circle
Hence why dodecagons
Always keep their distance
I knew a pyramid once
Who insisted
She could turn into a parallelogram
Under the right conditions
I never understood why
She would want to
And lose so much depth
Then there was the time
I mistook an ellipse
For an oval
A subtle difference, he said
But very distinguished
Something about
One is born that way
The other is a diminishing king
Or something like that
Hard to keep track
He kept going off on tangents



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