Week 5; A Poem a Day


Beneath steel and stone geometry
Slides the element
That shaped a landscape
That made men choose
Where to build and how to build
In the center of a city
At its lowest point
Silently flows a river
And on the far bank
The less desirable bank
With its rows of silt and trees
And levee and industry
Live less desired people
Usually only noticed
After the leaves have fallen from the trees
Then their blue tarps
And aging coats
Make us nervous
Even with a quarter mile moat
Between us
Even with their small footprints
Hardly disrupting the earth
Maybe they remind us of something
We’d rather not remember
There is danger in mistaking
Humans for latent memories
And forgetting
How our homes were made
And forgetting
That no one lives far
From a river bank


So here we are
Self-fulfilling prophets
Each of us
Hoping to be the one
Who makes the prediction
Rather than make the outcome
We’d rather be right
Than do right
Rather be an expert witness
On the stand
Than the accused instigator
Who took a stand
Have you defied
A political narrative today?



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