Week 4; A Poem a Day


Press hard
And keep pressing
Until you’re heard
Until someone
Opens the door
Press hard
Into the crowd
And if the threshold is jammed
Tear a hole in the roof
And let your friend be cured
Press close
To your sisters and brothers
Pack the house
To standing room only
Past maximum capacity
Until those who knew you first
Think you’re out of your mind
Press on
Out of your mind
Out of the banks of that river
And into sheets of white light
Press hard
Into every thread, every fiber
It will remind you of a tapestry
That saved you once from falling
It will warm you
As you stand out
In the cold
Waiting for an answer
Press hard


Even with all these years
Even after thousands of graphite bubbles
Even among stacks of pages read once
Maybe twice
Even after all this
Vocabulary escapes me
Contrite one-liners bow
Under the weight
Of war and peace
Feelings of contentment
Or righteousness
Are a mist
That only make a fire seethe
No one’s ever graded us
On empathy and instincts



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