A Poem a Day

I’m trying something a little different for 2016. In attempt to foster the artist, every day this year, I plan to write at least one poem, or a piece of prose, or a short story, or something of that nature. For years I’ve dabbled in creative writing when the Spirit moves – especially poetry – but never given myself the opportunity to cultivate it. Until now. This is all very nebulous right now; floating wisps of ideas and desires. And that’s where I like it. A blank page is terrifyingly full of potential…

But I also don’t want to wait to start sharing the fruits of this creative project with people, so I’m turning back to the ol’ blog.  Instead of publishing everypoem everyday, however, and thus likely publishing a lot of subpar writing, I will “curate” each week’s collection and post an interesting selection for that week. This will likely expand, reduce or fluctuate as it develops (including adding in photography, naturally). At this point, I don’t want to put too many more limits on the creative process…

This could be a boon for my creativity, or it could be a dead end, or it could be detrimental to my health… I don’t know, but I’m expecting and hoping it to be the first.

As for today, the first selection for this the first week of January and 2016:


We arrange colors
Stacked one on the other
Overlapping, touching and not
Reminding us of something else
In our DNA
Which arranges colors too
And other things
Like eyes and elbows and furrowed brows
And the slope of a nose
Things that make us choose
Make us want, or not
We arrange colors
With such deliberation
Red or yellow
Green back into violet
And everything in between and beyond
That we can’t even see
Overlapping, touching or not


4 thoughts on “A Poem a Day

  1. Wow, beautiful. What a great plan :) I am praying for the Spirit to move you into a holier version of yourself during this process.

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