Photographer & Visual Storyteller

I am a photographer and a visual storyteller, and boy, do I have some stories to tell. One place I am able to share them is my (newly redesigned) website Head on over and take some time to enjoy some engrossing visual narratives.


It is a constant (and crucial) task for nonprofits and charities to communicate to their donors, prospective supporters, and greater community about the results of their work. Often the most effective and compelling mode of doing this is telling stories: true stories, stories the audience can relate to. They can be told through words (written or spoken), imagery (still or motion), music, sign language, interpretive dance… sky’s the limit! But any combination of these often lend the most impact.

I believe photography is one of the most powerful languages for telling stories, but it is one of many. My personal and professional aspiration is to help organizations use all of the resources at their fingertips to not just “talk at” people, but to draw people in, to build a community around their cause or mission.

For more helpful advice, check out 501creative’s post, 5 Ways To Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story.


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