5,000 Miles – Key West



A reporter from the Miami Herald interviews Fr. Matt and other team members in Key Largo, FL.


Riding from key to key, with 71 miles left to the end of the road.


On Day 99, the team was delayed for two hours by thunderstorms.  Here they wait at the hotel in Marathon, FL, before the weather cleared enough to head for Key West.


In Key West at the Southernmost Point in the Continental US, family and friends are there to greet the team at the end of their 5,000 mile journey.


The C4C team’s perspective at group picture time.



We’ve traveled across the grand landscape of America on two thin wheels powered by our own internal engines.  We’ve reached out to and been taken in by thousands of people all in the name of reducing poverty and other positive change.  We have seen, heard, felt, and otherwise experienced more than we could possibly collectively communicate in any reasonable amount of time.  But we’re going to try anyway.

Two projects in motion right now are a short documentary film and a collaborative book featuring my photographs and writings from the Cycling for Change Team.  The hopeful release dates for both are Spring 2011.  Please also continue to follow this blog and www.cyclingforchange.org.

Though our 5,000-mile, 100-day journey is complete, the work to reduce poverty in the United States carries on.


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