Reducing Poverty, One Mile at a Time

Coming this summer, you can laugh at Jeremy in Spandex and shake your head in pity as he wheezes his way up mountain passes on a bicycle.  For 100 days!  That’s right, I am joining on with Cycling for Change to bike 5,000 miles diagonally across the contiguous United States.  And you, my dear reader, get to follow along.

Now, I admit that I would do this for no reason at all.  But we do indeed have a purpose.  In a phrase, it is to call to action all people of goodwill to address the growth of poverty in America.  There are around 40 million Americans living in poverty at this moment.  Forgive my language, but that’s just stupid.  Something needs to be done.  Catholic Charities USA has created the Campaign to Reduce Poverty and set the goal of cutting poverty in HALF by 2020.  Heck yeah!  Let’s get to it!

So we call this a pilgrimage, a call to action, a fundraiser, a journey to reduce poverty one mile at a time.  There are only 12 of us riding our bikes the entire way, but we are not going alone.  This is a nationwide trek; one that involves the greater community of the United States.  Every community we visit, every cyclist that joins us for a segment of the route, every person or business that makes a donation, every human being that feels it is time to change our world to rid it of unnecessary suffering: this is all their journey, our journey.

In addition to trying to keep up with my much-more-experienced cyclist teammates, I will also be photographically documenting the entire trip and project.  You see?  I get to have the “insiders” perspective.  Much more to come in the months ahead, especially as we close in on May 29th – our departure date from Cape Flattery, Washington!

By the miracle of modern technology, anyone can follow along and learn anything they need to know through the Cycling for Change website:

To donate to Cycling for Change, click here.


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