Photog Chasing Waterfalls


In November 2008 I took a thrilling trek into the jungles of Parque Nacional Amboró in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This was still the end of the dry season so the mosquitoes and other insects were not at as fierce as expected.  The rainbow of butterflies, however, was dazzling.  And then, we came upon this waterfall.

First, I took the photographs.  That was the main objective of this trip anyway.  It wasn’t until my guide, Ernan, and trek companion, Jacques, were drying out and resting after a swim, that I got in myself.  Floating on my back in water of perfect temperature  for the tail-end of a grueling hike, my vision was filled with the hanging green and the steady pull of gravity on the water from high on the cliff.  Unbelievable: I had found heaven within a four hour hike from camp.

Las Cuevas

Traveling back in time one year further, in November 2007 my fellow volunteers and I hiked through “Las Cuevas” near Samaipata.  This was much less remote but no less beautiful and made for a very fun day of climbing, jumping, wading, and enjoying the mountainous scenery.


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