It’s been nearly two years since I experienced the fascinating history, delicious food and wine, and expansive land and bus rides of Argentina.  Being the second largest country in South America, it’s a place that requires more than the two and half weeks we had to explore.  Nonetheless, it was a great vacation.


Above, the foothills of the Andes outside of Mendoza, a favorite weekend destination for the locals.  Grab a box of empanadas, some bottles of wine, and your extended family and head for the hills.


The architecture around the enormous plaza in Salta is pleasingly old and ornate.  The gelato-style ice cream sold all over the city is also pleasingly cold and luscious.

los diques

After Argentina suffered a crushing economic collapse at the turn of the 21st century, Buenos Aires in 2008 seemed to be doing pretty well for itself.

la boca tango

La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires is now about as touristy as a place can get.  However, anyone remotely interested in dance, music and love ought to visit the birthplace of the Tango.  The guitarist in the purple shirt was one of the best I have ever heard live.

Next time around my destinations will certainly include Patagonia in the south and Iguazu Falls in the northern spur.


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