Le Tour de Missouri

Tour of Missouri1

Cycling has never caught on in the USA as big as it has in Europe and other parts of the world (kind of like soccer).  But last week, one of the best international races in the country happened right here in the heartland – The Tour of Missouri.  The field includes teams with Olympic medalists, national champions, and Tour de France stage winners.  Serious business.  The seventh and final stage took place in Kansas City on Sunday, September 13th.

Tour of Missouri 2

These boys move fast.  As the race began, I stood 5o yards from the starting line and soon felt a strong breeze created by this mass of cyclists moving past within inches of the crowd.  The group flew around the downtown streets at 20-30 miles an hour, around 40 when slamming down Grand to the finish line.  Standing in one spot grants you only a few seconds every 12 minutes to snap a few photos before these superhumans cruise onwards.

Tour of Missouri 3

If you are looking for official results and reporting, pedal over this way: www.tourofmissouri.com


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