I do

Copyright 2009, Jeremy Ruzich

The groom and his men are getting dressed.  The bridal party will be at least another hour.  And I’m outside the lake house looking for the best spot for group pictures.  It’s about noon so I am going with the “full-shade-with-strobe” plan.  After getting set up, I wait.  Then I photograph the groomal party for about an half hour.  Then I wait some more.

Copyright 2009, Jeremy Ruzich

Intense action followed by idleness was my introduction to wedding photography.  As stressful as it was, I liked it more than I thought I would.  It is especially nice being “the photographer.”  No one gives you wierd looks or questions why you are taking pictures – you have free reign to snap away.  Everybody is happy, giving great smiles and expressions.  And thank goodness the bride and groom, my friends Anne and Scott, were easy-going people.  I don’t know what I would have done with a “bridezilla.”  Probably ran away screaming something in Japanese.

Copyright 2009, Jeremy Ruzich

While I will not be advertising in bridal magazines or investing in some monolights, I could certainly see myself shooting weddings in the future whenever the offer comes up.  Ahh, amore.


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