Week 41; A Poem a Day


(Poet’s note: Like most everyone else in our nation, I have been trying to wrap my head around our current political ordeal. So I go to the medium that helps me most often process and put to words the incomprehensible. This is how I begin to try.)

In our hunger
For quick answers
And simple fixes,
We’ve chosen one office
As our battleground
For any problem
In our mind.
Or maybe every.
We want so badly
For a new savior,
One person of our choosing,
One person to fight
To make it all right.
We want it so simply
So badly,
We have voluntarily
Handed over
Our collective power
To the one,

Whoever the one may be
This time around.

What if the problem
Is not the people
But the position?

What if our founders
Built a chair,
And we’ve turned it
Into a throne?

What if we took back
Some of that power,
Held it
And used it
And selflessly
Like we’d hoped
Our chief would do?

What if we
No longer feared
The 50/50?

What if I told you
That you have the power
To change minds and hearts,
When you start with your own?


Week 40; A Poem a Day


I pledge allegiance to the sunset
Of every color in the spectrum,
And to the planet over which it has blazed,
Constantly, ever since the Earth mattered,
And to the inhabitants thereon, every one of them,
Flawed, beautiful, innocent, guilty, as they are –
One nation, just fractured, broken but whole;
Under nothing, only surrounded
By emptiness teeming with dark and light:
Indispensable, our one home, our one life;
With liberty the deepness of the ocean
And justice its calm, unstoppable current,
As the surface rolls and swells, warmed
By the perpetually setting sun.


Week 38; A Poem a Day

9/1516 & 9/18/16

Your wrists are glowing

Your wrists are glowing
Because the moon has reached down
And wrapped fingers of light
Around them
And will not release
Even if you turn your back on her
Dear neighbor
She is an inhabitant
Of Earth too
Just further up
A mountain range
A continent
In orbit
With a clearer view
Of the Sun
And a satellite’s view
Of everything in the world

That’s why

That’s why she angles sunbeams
At your wrists
Fulcrums of choice
Pivotal point of human potential
She knows your power
Knows the arrangement of your bones
Has more strength than your organs
Know how to handle

And that’s why

That’s why she grips you now
To finally get you understanding
She and your skeleton
Share the same shade of white
Only yours concealed
Dear distant sister
Who has watched you
From your infancy
From afar
She is concerned for you

You are still so young

You are still so young
Making so many mistakes
Learning to use your hands
Learning to trust every piece of you
It pains her
To see you hurting yourself

You know how to cast shadows
But do you know you can wield light?


Week 37; A Poem a Day


I spun
I used to dream
of spinning
Once dreamed
of spinning
a web
inside my locker
A web
To catch her
Catch and hold her
I spun
Spun webs
Corner to corner
Side to side
I spun
four intimate walls
One a door
which is a wall
with options
Outside of slits
and the clang
clanging open
clanging shut
more space
longer strands
stretch farther
My strategy
larger webs
stretched out
are less visible
And weaker
My strategy
I spin
To become a father
between dreams
I spin


Distant sky talk
Rumbles at me
And I lay here
Cocooned in blankets

Rhythm of rain
Asks me to dance
While cellular alarms
Interrupt real dreams

Crass blue jay calls
Hold me to my past
As I wait and hope
For new songs of winter


Week 36; A Poem a Day


What conjures us together
Movement of spirits and Spirit
Blown in on the four winds
Meeting at one slope at river’s edge
Downstream from our ancestors
Who rose like thunderheads
At the thought of us, their children
A prophecy of rainbow doorways
Visions of how history might have been written
If hearts had not hardened to hungry steel

Why not think universally
Heartbeats synchronized with the waves
Because water is life and there is one water
So much of it, there is only so much of it
It fills in our lowest points
Then expands, ascends and dances above our heads
For everyone to witness
It salves our lips and tongues
Making speech possible, making words audible
When it bathes us, it takes on the filth we produce

Somewhere along the way to civilization
Some of us decided they needed more than enough
Some other liquid they wanted to fill up their lives
So, they began piercing the ground that long supported them
They sliced and scarred the land with dull knives
And burst the sacred hills into fragments
All this using the same ancient stuff they sought to extract
All this at a pace the planet had never known
Did the ancestors of our ancestors’ ancestors
Ever imagine they would one day be unearthed and burned

How can prayers slow the current
Return to a flow sanctioned by the texture of the land
Let the women lead us to the water
And give us their blessing, if they choose
How can prayers heal a ruptured channel
Mend a supply line out of its time
Let the betrayed people foresee disaster
And use good medicine to prevent its manifestation
Let them be first again
Protectors of our future, a nation of rising waters


Week 35; A Poem a Day


I’ve realized
My comfort zone
Is at the edge
Not further back
Where I can’t see distance
Where I can hardly imagine
At the last horizontal inches
My feet make a home
Wrap toes
Over right-angle threshold
And feel the height
I look down
And up
And out
At the miles
And think to myself
This must be the end
The margin of my world
But I’m fighting
A pull
At my sternum
A pull to break
The plane of safety
To jump
And trust the gases
That have filled
My lungs
For thirty odd years
While a voice
At the back of my skull
Don’t do it
Step back
Not worth the risk
The voice can’t see
What has taken me
So long
To see myself
A rough-cut path
Beyond the edge
To the unknown
I’ve longed
To know


The owl
Sent pillow calls
Into the barely lit
Dripping air
So I sat
Beneath his present tree
To hear
What I could learn
To see
What I could gather
As he conversed
With things invisible
To me
But he could not stay
For long
Another rooftop beckoned
His wings ached
To find more
Leaving me
With only
Silent flight feathers
And night vision eyes