Week 48; A Poem a Day


Leave me here
You go follow your emotions

I’ll stay and dwell in my thoughts
There are enough of them
To cover me
A rapidly shifting river
Of fog of doubt
And cumulonimbus of clarity
Leave me here
You go pursue what feels right
I’ll stay and feel sorry for myself
And dream of what would’ve been
If I’d been brash and brazen
If I’d taken, respectfully, carelessly,
The cup that had been offered me
I pass it on as I contemplate
The origins of my thirst


Week 47; A Poem a Day


You know
Your time together
Is fleeting
You always have
But sometimes
It takes a shock
To the system
For the value of each other
To sink in
And make listening
The holiest practice
You know
You should lean
Your ear
Closer in
Close enough
To feel the warm
To hear the hidden
Counting moments
Like quarters
Being tossed
Into a fountain
Hopeful investments

Week 46; A Poem a Day


How to Run a Country, Part I

White-out the history
Before the textbooks are even printed
Spend all the people’s cash
Before any of it’s minted
Place blame for complex problems
On the silenced, easy targets
Extend your authority (in the name of liberty)
See how far it gets


Better than the proliferation of fences
For the intensification of divisions
Is our break-neck construction of roofs
With their constant obstruction of our views
That erodes our primal recognition of the sky
As the common shelter of human kind


Week 45; A Poem a Day


Silver tears
Desensitized eyes
By regret
Of seeing
What must be seen
Lamp of the body
Exodus of innocence
Sentinel for the sleeping
These orbs
With one two-way
Are purpose
And residence


Lines of children climbing the stairs
Of a library, quietly, orderly,
Right hands brushing along the rail.
I didn’t see a single face.

I did hear the laughter
Of kids on the big slide on the steep hill.
As I passed they were visible for a moment,
Before disappearing down, out of sight.

I was searching for sunlight, to backlight
The groundforms and lifeforms before me,
In gratitude, in remembrance
Of an old way of thinking and seeing,
In anticipation of the new way of being
And relating, with the ever-present,
Underlying, repressed reality.


Week 44; A Poem a Day

10/29/16 & 10/30/16

In this space
How many souls
Have cut through
Invisible ruts

In this layered space
How many lives
Spent worrying
Between halves
And half-truths
Making comfort
A priority

In this porous space
How much energy
Lingers on
To the physical
The material

In this immortal space
How much story
Is written
On the darkness

In this dense space
How many collisions
Could have been avoided
Had the universe
Been made static
And not set to spin
To each body
Its own space
None shared
No thing more needed
No movement
To risk

In this space
Atoms and charge
Are traded
Lost or endowed

In this arterial space
How much laughter
Echoes on
How many sighs
Where they were
How much eye contact
And refracts
The moment still


Week 43; A Poem a Day

10/20/16 – 10/23/16

And at this point
___________I feel
We’ve been laying
And spinning lines
Trying to catch
Or wanting to wrap
________the Earth
Keep it for our own
________and suck
__________it dry
I have heard
_______the ringing
Of golden sun
Off powered threads
Barkless tree trunks
As I have felt
On spider silk
Invisible traps
Brought to light
We’ve tried
_________so hard
To leave behind
______dark forests
With woven branch
We can’t
Though we cut them
They’ll once again
Though we flee their
_____looming height
We find ourselves
Their biology
We find ourselves
In the webs laid
___________for us
___________by us
We find ourselves
_______in shadows
Deeper than leaves
________could ever
Where once we knew
________the timbre
_________of timber
_________by heart…